Oscars – Cinematography



 This is by far my favorite category from The Oscars and quite honestly is the first thing I notice when seeing a film. I love the look and the camerawork from a film when it’s clear that it is truly something special. This year’s nominees are easily a step above the rest and I am excited to see who rises to the top of this list to become victorious. 




I’ve never been more afraid of circles in my entire life.




La La Land

This juggernaut must be stopped!





Thank God for Snowden who was the true hero of this movie.






If I see two teenagers on a beach at night, I’m walking the other way. ASAP






Took Scorcese 28 years to find Japan on a map and film it. True Story!









Who I want to Win:


This is like being asked to pick my favorite child (easy question. easy answer). There are beautiful moments and camerawork from all nominees, but I must say that Moonlight is the film that stuck with me the most. It managed to follow all three ages of Chiron differently and yet tie in a similar thread all at once and I truly hope it’s recognized for it. 


Who Will Win: 


It is for the reason stated above that I actually think it will take home the statue. However, if I could throw out an anti-scenario:

Moonlight could win the major prize (Best Picture) and La La Land clean up with the smaller categories


La La Land could win Best Picture and the lesser categories are divided amongst the rest of the nominees such as Moonlight. 


Who I want to win

La la Land

La La Land is a beast of a movie. And I think it could easily take this. Everything was beautiful about this movie to the start to finish. Shots on shots that were breathtaking. One shots. Wide angle. Everything. So I think this has an easy chance of winning. 

Who Will win

La La Land

As reason stated above. Though I do like Chris theory of Major and Minor categories. 


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