Oscars – Foreign Language Film



Let’s be honest, what follows will be several movies that you’ve never heard of before, don’t care about and will probably use as an excuse to refill your drink or go to the bathroom during the Oscars, however, within this category can be some of the Oscars’ best nominees for films. In this year’s case, one is already being cast as an American remake, another is at the center of controversy based on the President’s travel ban just to mention two.




Land of Mine

The Danish Army orders teenagers who are German POWs post-WWII to comb the beaches and disarm over 20,000 mines.





A Man Called Ove

This film is the what would’ve happened if the old man from Up had all of his balloons pop before he was able to take off. This is a film to be seen if given the opportunity. 





The Salesman

An Iranian couple that endured an extreme hardship that drives the husband on a path of equal revenge. 






Romeo and Juliet set in the Pacific Island of Tanna. This one is gorgeous, but it’s okay if this film is not seen. 





Toni Erdmann

An out of touch father seeks to reconnect with his daughter by posing as her life coach. American remake has cast Jack Nicholson as the grandfather….interesting. 






Who I want to win:

Land of Mine


  This movie was excellent and gripping from beginning to end. Following a small group of German POWs who are in the care of the Danish army after the war is over. They are forced to traverse the beaches in an attempt to clear them of all. Right away you become attached to the young teenagers who are fighting their father’s war and it’s painfully clear they were forced into service and are now left to clean up what remains. The Danish officer in charge is equally relatable and is a manifestation of years of anger and pain from the Europeans towards the German people, but over time, he begins to care for them and give them a second chance at living beyond the war. 


Who Will Win: 

Toni Erdmann


   This film has too much going for it in the press. As I mentioned before, it is already being adapted to an American film which shows the reach that it has already had with the voters and people of the industry. As a movie, the film is good, but overly long. It’s funny in portions and has a wonderful message at its heart, but ultimately is dragging in many spots for my taste. Still, I could easily see it raising the statuette come Sunday night. 


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