Get Out – Review




      Proof that a spotlight shown on subtle racism, given the right lens to observe through, can provide moments of both horror and comedy, Jordan Peele’s directorial debut pulls absolutely no punches when it comes to showing the audience just how absurd these ideals can be if applied to an even sillier premise. Get Out is able to take well known racial stereotypes and horror tropes, mix them together and produce a thriller that is fun ride to experience. What stands out in particular is the protagonist’s friend, Rod, and how he is hearing all of Chris’ (Daniel Kaluuya) experiences relayed to him and his unbridled and unfiltered reaction to them, essentially checking the box of a character reciting the movie’s title. What cannot be stated enough is how funny Get Out is. Not only is the humor sharp and keeps you laughing throughout, there is also a perfect balance of thrills and scares mixed in as well to the point where you are oscillating back and forth between laughing at a situation developing, but by the end of that scene you are pulling back in fear or are nervous for what is to come next.  

   At it’s core, Get Out is just a really fun watch, one that I would recommend for theaters for two reasons: 

  1. What else are you going to see? 50 Shades Darker…….again?

  2. The audience will make this movie for you.

     Our audience completely gave in to the experience of this movie so much so that it turned it into one loud commentary while the movie was playing. People weren’t afraid to voice their opinions out loud towards the screen and in normal circumstances this would agitate me, however, with Get Out it only made it better. The best example I can provide for this was the lady sitting in front of me and Gary (the original Gary Scale) yelled out at one point, “Oh heck NO! Get in the dang car!!!” That just made the movie more enjoyable. 

     Beyond that, there’s not a lot to tell unless you want it spoiled for you, which I would hate to do because it truly is a great ending. You’ll probably read, if you haven’t already, a bunch of think-pieces or write ups about how this will break down barriers on race and how we see issues dealing with color and while I don’t want to diminish anything regarding those issues, I would argue that those people are missing the point of why this film exists in the first place… entertain. It’s really funny and meant to just be enjoyed. Nothing more. Nothing less. Sure, it has elements of race throughout, but to be honest it is centered around an interracial couple  meeting the female’s parents for the first time. Race is going to come up at some point but it is how Peele handled those moments that gave birth to both scares and laughs that is truly unique for this style of film. What cannot be forgotten is that this is a thriller that will not only give you pause but will also allow moments of true comedy to shine through. 




Get Out – 3 GARYS




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