Oscars – Directing


   There is some serious firepower within this category and while some could use this award as a solidification of their forgiveness tour or as a second-career rebirth there is no way that any think pieces will come out the next day saying that anyone was robbed from this category. All of these directors are incredible and are on the top of their game with these entries.





What if aliens had a movie about a ginger solving the puzzle of their language and it was nominated for whatever there Oscars are? Everything’s connected…..






Hacksaw Ridge

Every time I write about this movie all I can hear is Andrew Garfield’s soft whispering voice saying, “Help me get one more.” from the trailer. I chuckle every time. 





La La Land

Love Damien Chazelle. Love that this is his second major film that’s nominated. Hope there is more to come.





Manchester By the Sea

Lonergan did an excellent job with this movie, both writing and directing it.





Barry Jenkins deserves this, but is in a stacked category.








Who I want to win:

Push: Moonlight/Manchester By The Sea

I decided on a tie for this one because of the stories that each movie share. In short, pain is at its forefront and each manage to evoke so much emotion from the complete product that I feel they are on a very similar level. If I had to, I would give Moonlight the edge, but only slightly. 


Who will win:

Manchester By the Sea

I am not entirely sure why this would win what could be the only award for this film on Oscar night, however, there is just something about how Lonergan both wrote and directed this film that I hope the voters are paying attention to. We will have to see. 



Who i want to win:


Just see it and you will see why it deserves all the wins. But the competition this year is so crazy. Most years you can look at a category and see two or three that might take it. But I would not be mad if any of these won. But I want Moonlight too. 


Who Will win:


I am man enough to admit that I have no idea. And I love that. Im just gonna cheer for whoever wins. 


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