Power Rangers – Review






     Now that’s how you reboot a franchise!

     While Power Rangers definitely had its shortcomings and problems, it was one of the most fun films I’ve seen in theaters this year and what cannot be understated enough is its humor. Power Rangers is a very funny movie with most of the comedic heavy lifting being shouldered by Billy, the Blue Ranger, whose literal approach to most everything causes for some hilarious reactions.

   As far as the plot goes, there’s nothing new with the overall representation of the Rangers and their powers, however, the film does shed a better light on the first Rangers, Rita and how their rivalry came to pass. This was a well received addition for the fans, being one myself, although I was curious how those sequences faired for those that weren’t fans of the series as children or had no working knowledge of the Power Ranger’s story. Coming fresh off of TwitchTV’s 14 day Power Rangers marathon, believe me when I say that I was well versed in the legend of the Zeo crystals, etc. 

  I can see where the biggest risk was mostly in the cast, taking young adults that are relatively fresh in Hollywood and with no discernable acting credits there was easily a risky play in hiring them, however, it is with these actors that the emotional weight of the film is shared and carried out extremely well. They touch on some heavy themes, albeit never directly, but everything from mental illness to revenge porn is brought about with these five teenagers (with attitude).  The other fun player to watch is Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa. She does a solid job as the film’s villain and you can tell she is having a lot of fun being the bad guy. 

   The one major flaw I can point out in the film is the actual lack of the Power Ranger suits. Very early on the teense receive their powers and stumble into Zordon’s ship to discover their destiny and all that they are expected to do, but it isn’t until the last 20 minutes or so that the Rangers actually make it into their suits and fight Rita and Goldar. I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation for this; the movie wanted to create something identifiable in seeing the teen’s faces instead of a suit, the budget, etc. It remains to be seen why they made this decision, but I can attest to my feelings as I walked out of the theater were ones of joy and excitement from a movie well done, but there was still a lingering feeling of the end fight was too short-lived and their could’ve been more. Understandably so, the “Powers that Be” were probably not wanting to bankroll a “what if” type of film so if everything goes accordingly they are planning to release another five/six films in this franchise, which would be amazing! So despite its shortcomings, they do leave you on a high note. 

   If you haven’t already seen Power Rangers, I cannot state enough to do so. You will enjoy it. I tweeted out after I saw it that it would probably be the easiest watch I will have all year in theaters. It was just an all around great time that was easily worth the admission price. No buyer’s remorse for this film and if for some reason you fell on the unoccupied side of not liking it, I would love to hear why





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