The Fate of the Furious – Review




   Why or how did I enjoy this movie?



        I mean I know I didn’t love it, but it wasn’t even close to the worst films I have seen and was enjoyable and funny on many levels (shame on me for writing that). I don’t believe words can express the guilt I feel for liking this movie because in truth, the Fast and Furious franchise is awful or better yet, has become awful. Back in the beginning, when it was about street racing, the franchise was interesting albeit a treasure trove of bad acting, in-your-face sexism and mediocre plots, but still there was something about street racing that was exciting. That changed when the group started to “grow up” and begin to use their talents to fight crime…huh???? Nevertheless, I continued to watch, picking and choosing when I drew the line of ridiculousness and what was actually entertaining film work as I worked my way through all seven installments. 

   I think where I had the biggest conflict of emotions was as the credits were rolling on The Fate of the Furious. As they scrolled, I was angry at myself for not hating and eviscerating this movie, but instead choosing to laugh at the funny parts and marvel at the large car stunts like the average movie-goers who were next to me. Except, I didn’t want that. I wanted to walk out of there getting 1st degree burns on my hands from rubbing them together so excitedly because I knew the trolling that was about to take place on my part at the expense of this 8th Fast and Furious film. But alas, no vengeance was to be taken. Instead, the inverse reaction was had by myself to the point where I left having thought that this was a fun watch and is the epitome of a mindless action movie.


    TWO major things stuck out to me about this franchise:


  1. The Fate of the Furious is what you get if Ocean’s 11 were sponsored, produced, directed and written by Monster Energy Drinks, Affliction Clothing and Spike TV all rolled into one 8-part long story.
  2. I knew I was softening on this movie when in its opening, Dom beats someone street racing in Cuba and instead of taking his car as a prize states that all he wants is the man’s respect…….**cue uproarious applause**…..insert title card: The Fate of the Furious….and we’re off and running. 


     2a. I knew I went full tilt on the franchise as a whole when towards the end of the film, The Rock proceeds to skate on ice holding onto a moving vehicle and directs, with one arm, a submarine missile that’s skating on the ice parallel to him into another guy’s car…………… and I didn’t even bat an eye. 


The rest of the film is very well trodden plot misdirection, but you’ve probably gathered that from the trailers and will more than likely not care because you’ve already made the trip to see it in theaters. Just enjoy it while it’s on and try, as I did, to fight back the thought that there was something…anything better you could be watching. Please don’t mistake my salt in this review as hatred, because to be honest I didn’t hate this movie. Sure, it had its fair share of eye-rolling moments, however, in the end it was just an enjoyable experience that I most definitely would have buyer’s remorse over if I had to take someone else or pay full price, but again, these are not my typical favorite films. Now if you excuse me, I’m going to go watch my favorite film of the franchise…Tokyo Drift








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