Snatched – Review



I’m just going to come right out and say it:

Snatched is ridiculous enough to actually be funny.   

     There. That actually felt better having admitted that publicly. Snatched won’t even come close to winning any awards (unless you count the Razzies). It won’t even be the funniest movie of May, however, I still found myself laughing hysterically at parts of this movie for reasons that I cannot comprehend nor care to. 

    The film follows Amy Schumer’s character (who I don’t even worry about naming because it’s irrelevant) who is going nowhere in life, gets dumped by her boyfriend after buying a non-refundable trip to South America and ends up taking her mother with her. During their trip, they are kidnapped and escape resulting in a nationwide cat and mouse chase between Schumer/Hawn from their captors. I don’t really think I need to dive deeper into the mechanics of the film’s plot because there are some movies you just need to just shut up and enjoy as best you can. Snatched is one of those movies. 

   First of all, I would not recommend paying full price for this, however, I would not have buyer’s remorse over matinee. Schumer’s comedy is on full display and if you like her brand of humor than you will settle into this movie quite nicely. Goldie Hawn is a nice addition, blending well as the straight-lace protective mother to Schumer’s wild and free semi-millennial. Together, their interactions are funny, but are best showcased when playing off of a third party, whether that be the annoying agoraphobic brother, Jeffery, the fresh off the boat (literally) tour guide played by Christopher Meloni and who is my favorite character of the entire movie or Federal Agent Russell who aids in the rescue of the two kidnapped women. These supporting cast are the best parts of the movie and provide very many over-the-top moments that had me laughing more than I care to admit. 

   As I mentioned in the beginning, Snatched is a ridiculous movie, but that is what also makes it worth seeing. From time to time, we all need that movie that we can turn our minds off and just enjoy and this film has made the best case for doing so in 2017. If you get the chance to see it with a group, go without hesitation, but make sure to lower your expectations. If not, then just wait until it becomes available to be seen in other ways (wink*). This film can be best summed up as; being a movie that I cannot wait to watch on a 2 hour flight to Florida in the coming months

Snatched – 3 GARYS





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