Baywatch – Review




Finally there is proof that The Rock isn’t movie Superman, Baywatch served as the kryptonite that brought his star back closer to Earth. While I do not want to ever see The Rock fail, it remains to be seen or not his next movie choice after a bomb such as this. Needless to say, Baywatch was a rough outing at the theater. I would make the case that the blame doesn’t land on any of the cast, but moreover the production companies, writers and editor most of all. They all mailed it in and tried to give us a film they thought the below-average person would appreciate. However, the argument could also be made that their direction fell right in line with the long running TV show that was just as corny. But I don’t want to allow them to play the “homage” card that easily.

The actors did their best in making this film enjoyable. They were the film’s saving grace because they all hit a perfect balance of seriousness in terms of delivering their lines but also coming across as not taking their situation to literally. The plot and dialogue were the saboteurs in this case causing the cast to look silly at times but also put in some head-scratchingly unnecessary situations.

Take the previous 200 words with a grain of salt because I’m not above watching and enjoying the dumb comedy. I found myself laughing quite a bit after realizing just what kind of movie I was in for. That realization came in the first five minutes by the way. I know you might read this and think how did I NOT realize what kind of movie Baywatch was going to be from just the previews, but honestly I thought it might be slightly different; wanting to be something similar but different from the TV show. I was wrong and quickly changed my course while I was in the theater.

To be fair, I feel like this review is something of a disservice to anyone reading this because I do not want to waste your time by delving into the plot, character, setting, etc. That’s pointless with Baywatch. What you see is exactly what you get. However, I can recommend that if you want to see it, I’d wait to see it for free….by any means necessary! I paid the matinee price, which was perfect for me, but even then I could sense the subtle feeling of buyer’s remorse creeping up in my mind well into the movie but it never fully materialized. When there is a lull in the theater in the coming month or so and you have some time, Baywatch is a fine fit. Outside of that, wait. Baywatch has its moments but ultimately is a forgettable movie with several funny sight gags but little else.







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