The House – Review




Old School’s on my summer rewatch list and to me that and Step Brothers are Will Ferrell’s Magnum Opus. There is nothing better he can achieve in his movie career in my opinion and yes, that includes an Oscar. It’s been interesting watching Ferrell’s career evolve since the early 2000s/post-SNL days. With The House, there was a lot wrong and Ferrell’s performance isn’t completely to blame, however, it is a contributing factor.

I don’t mean to pull all of my focus completely towards Ferrell, but it was intriguing to see how his onscreen persona has migrated from the less-than-a-decade-out-of-college-frat-bro to now the dad wanting to act a little crazy, get into a little trouble in order to recapture that lost piece of youth. Naturally, after reading that you should already know and understand his character in The House. You’ve seen him before and to be honest, Poehler is a very weak second actor. Their attempt at a improvisation is sometimes funny and most of the time poor which is not something I’m happy to write. I was hoping that The House would provide at least a couple of quotable moments to take away from it, but any laugh out loud moments were forgotten once I left the theater.

The plot isn’t worth discussing because it’s all realized within the released trailers and as a result of it being too thin it chooses to rush in some areas rather than pause and let certain scenes breathe. The characters are generic and can be only slightly forgiven because they feature familiar faces that are enjoyable. It just feels off. I mean off to the point that I don’t believe I would even recommend paying a matinee price in order to see it in theaters because I believe there to be funnier movies out there.


Here’s where I get weird and contradictory……..


Yes, it was probably one of Ferrell’s worst comedic films, but I still had a decent time watching it. I laughed. I was entertained. What else was I or anyone else looking for? Was it amazing? Not in the least. Was it worth the $1.92 I ended up paying for it? Absolutely. For that, I have not No Regerts


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