Summer Rewatch – Out Cold



 I built this up to be funnier in my mind than it actually was. That sentence can pretty much sum up what will follow if you continue to read on. 


     I was humbled upon my rewatch, but still found that both Zach Galifianakis and David Koechner to be the best and funniest parts of the entire movie. You can tell this is just a stepping stone vehicle to other greater roles for both of them and it is just a matter of time before they get cast in better roles. For now, at this point in both of their careers they were resigned to playing the comic relief in PG-13 comedies. Personally, I’m glad they outgrew those roles, but a certain amount of respect needs to be given for Galifianakis and Koechner in this movie for squeezing every bit they possibly could out of the screen time each was given. They are worth the watch alone. 

   The story is nothing new even for the time period when it was released. It’s just the same old teen comedy attempt but this time set in a ski lodge. The love story throughout Out Cold is bland to say the least. No depth. Hardly any believability (kinda the point with this type of movie) and such an abrupt payoff in the end that you are left making a face that would personify the word, “HUH?” while the credits are rolling. The hardest part in rewatching this was remembering how hard my younger self laughed at Out Cold…I just wanted to hit that kid with my car. 

    Despite all of its shortcomings, I still love Out Cold. Galifianakis’ role is worth it alone just to see him in an early side role that he clearly overshadows the main actors and knowing where he ends up in his career is kind of neat to witness. Out Cold should be categorized as a pleasure watch because it needs to be seen every 2-3 years or so just to be appreciated. It’s not taxing on the mind and serves up several great quotes as spoken from Koechner’s character, Stumpy. Like I’ve said many many times before for even lesser films; sometimes you just need to be able to turn your mind off, escape and enjoy what’s in front of you. Case and point: OUT COLD


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