Summer Rewatch – Braveheart


My Lord, I had forgotten how perfect this film really was! As I rewatched this I couldn’t help but think several different things all at once: 

  1. Man, Mel Gibson, why did you have to go to movie jail?
  2. One of my great friends, Luke Walker, has never seen this movie (He’s British) out of principle and is the only person who hasn’t and has still remained my friend. #truestory
  3. The score for Braveheart is what drew me into this movie before anything else. It was the first aspect I came to love and appreciate. The rest followed. 
  4. The fight scenes were ahead of its time.


   The only change I think I would’ve like to have seen upon my rewatch was less of Wallace’s boyhood upbringing. I understand why it was placed in the film and even understand portions of the length of time they spend on showing it, however, I felt as if some of those moments could’ve been consolidated. That being said, every moment in Braveheart is important and necessary to understanding the complete motivation and purpose for William Wallace so what am I saying? I should just shut up and enjoy it. 

  I must admit that while watching I gave this some heavy thought, but I would have to place Braveheart amongst my Top 10 greatest films of all time and has to be in at least my Top 3 dramas. It’s just an incredibly interesting and captivating story that is perfectly executed in terms of containing historical drama, love, action and even humor. Every scene contains something that draws you in whether visually, musically, with plot or by acting. The cast alone is chock full of those that went on to become major players in Hollywood. Braveheart, to me, has become one of those films that at no matter what point you come across it on Television you are compelled to watch it until the end. I know that’s a stretch for some because Braveheart demands time and attention, however, I feel as if I have never watched this movie and been disappointed. In fact, I can honestly admit that Wallace’s final scene in which he screams “Freedom!” has made a man-tear fall from my eyes once or twice (or more). Even as I write this I am remembering the swell of the music, his cry of “Freedom!“, the slo-mo of the handkerchief falling to the ground and the faces of his friends dropping as he yells. It’s giving me chills. 

   I know Braveheart isn’t for everyone and I’m okay with that to a degree, however, it is reminiscent of a time in Hollywood where epic films were made on an entirely different level than that of today. In many ways, it was ahead of its time and paved the way for the blockbuster drama that we are familiar with today. For that, it demands respect and I will make sure everyone that have or haven’t seen it knows it. Now please excuse me while I go rewatch The Patriot and Apocalypto…………….


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