Baby Driver – Review



   Baby Driver almost, and I do mean almost, made me like the city of Atlanta, GA. 


I know this review is coming in late and to be honest I have no idea why it’s taken me so long to get thoughts to page, but what I can say is that Baby Driver is a fun and exciting watch. To be fair, there were parts I thought that could be better than what the finished product turned out to be. It’s not a terrible thing because in truth the movie was a wild right that was entertaining and humorous with only minor gripes keeping it from being something truly memorable and special. 

   Something that was phenomenal was the soundtrack. It was stated to me before I saw the movie that the score was assembled before the film and then the movie proceeded to sync up with the music. If you’ve seen the film, then you understand the previous sentence and the painstaking time it took to make that happen, which is one of the aspects that add to the cool factor for Baby Driver. The one knock on the sound that I can say got old very quickly was the syncopation of the bullet sounds to the beats of the music playing through the gunfights…and there are a lot of bullets that fly. That became tiresome for me, but again, it’s a very minor thing that never detracted from the movie but did distract. I could see some love how that occurs within the film and that’s perfectly fine. It just became too noticeable for me during those moments to the point where that was my focus and not the fight itself.

   Another sticking point for me was the character of Baby. While I thoroughly enjoyed watching him problem solve behind the wheel and exude this cooler-than-anyone persona, at times he wandered from that and became something else that really seemed atypical from what the film painted his character to be. Some scenes he would be flamboyant and dancing in public and then for long stretches he would be brooding and reserved for no apparent reason. I know that sounds trivial because characters are meant to show a varying degree of emotions, however, it was just something that was jarring enough for me to take notice of it. Nothing that sunk the film, just an aspect that stood out.


   Overall, Baby Driver was excellent and a great summer watch. Ultimately, it won’t be the best movie of 2017 or even of the summer for that matter, but it is one of those movies that needs to be experienced and will be talked about for some time. The car chase portions of the film were top notch and something to be witnessed on the big screen. The music was perfectly chosen and drove the story and the characters involved. The actors were well selected and each brought something interesting to the table in terms of story. Jamie Foxx, at times, ventured into the absurd and predictable but he was still fun to watch. Baby Driver was surprisingly funny and handled pacing perfectly, not getting too bogged down in action or emotional moments but floating effortlessly between the two. I wasn’t in love with how the film ended, but I understood why they went that way with the story. There is supposedly talks of a possible sequel which I personally believe would be detrimental to the story that this movie creates and tells. It would be difficult to follow Baby Driver. I am excited of the prospect of rewatching this movie several months from now and noticing different components that I might’ve missed in the theater. Baby Driver strikes me as one of those films that can produce those types subtleties upon multiple viewings.









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