Summer Rewatch – Snatch



 For the longest time I thought that Snatch was better than Guy Ritchie’s Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Part of me just wanted to be a contrarian to those that thought I was wrong and part of me actually believed deep down that it was better. There was also another small part that simply enjoyed the debate over the two films. Needless to say after my rewatch, I was way off the mark for many years. Listen…..I can’t always be right on these choices. I do look back at my younger self and some of the things I’ve said about films and simply want to shake that kid into reality. Don’t get me wrong, with characters like Bullet-Tooth, One-Punch Mickey, Turkish and Freddy Four-Fingers how could you NOT like this movie, but in comparing it with Lock, Stock it seems that it cannot hold under the weight of Ritchie’s better outing. 

   Snatch is fun and often funny, but isn’t Ritchie’s best and ends up relying too heavily on camera tricks, savvy voiceovers and stylish editing. All things Ritchie is well-known for. The end result is well and good because the character in the story are fun to follow with the interest coming from just how all of these eccentric people are connected, which once discovered, provides the viewer with such an “Aha!” moment that you find yourself sitting back and attempting to replay the film over in your mind with the newfound knowledge of the end reveal. Guy Ritchie uses this plot device to perfection in most, if not all, of his films and has become quite adept at allowing the audience to look and think one way only to abruptly turn you in an entirely different direction in the latter third of the movie. 

   In the end, Snatch just seemed to lack some of the coolness of Guy Ritchie’s other movies. Sure, it is still beloved by his fans and is a really fun watch, however, in comparison of some of his other films, more specifically Lock, Stock because it was made in close succession to Snatch, falls short as one of the more memorable Ritchie films. You remember the characters and certain great moments, but asking someone to recite what Snatch is actually about can prove difficult. No matter. It’s still a great rewatch. It deserved to be dusted off from the shelf and I’m glad it found its way onto my list this summer. I believe I’m good for the next 2-3years on another rewatch. 


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