Summer Rewatch – Monty Python and the Holy Grail



I remember my 13 year old self huddled in my friend Mike’s room laughing at Monty Python and the Holy Grail uncontrollably to the point of almost peeing my pants. The Black Knight, Sir Lancelot’s killing spree, Camelot being a silly place and who could forget Patsy. I vividly remember being confused by the ending so many times as a kid until it finally clicked why they were all being arrested. This was the beginning of my younger self embarking on this long journey through comedy and realizing what makes good comedy last to the point where it becomes great and so forth. The Holy Grail was one of these pillars that helped me get to that realization as a teen.

Today, is a slightly different story. The film did not age well upon a rewatch and while I did laugh at moments I’ve held to untouchable over the years, the overall product is nowhere near as funny as it once was. It was interesting to note that while I was watching this for the umpteenth time I managed to gravitate towards different scenes and characters than in the past that provided something new to laugh at and enjoy. I guess that is a result of simply getting older and realizing the things you found funny at 13 are and should not be the same things you laugh at today. Although, I probably laugh at most of the same things now that I did during that age.

Overall, the Holy Grail just didn’t hold my attention as in viewings past. I chuckled at some parts and enjoyed the traditional and often quoted scenes that everyone with or without having seen the film could probably quote, but I believe myself to have grown out of finding Monty Python and the Holy Grail to be downright hilarious. I know that would cause some to accuse me of being a witch and weighing me against a duck, however, that is just how some movies are. They serve a unique purpose in an even more unique point in time for the viewer and then just like that they are gone, different to the point that what you were hoping to recapture upon another watch has ended and the only thing left is to hope that the same film is somehow being experienced somewhere else in the same way as it was with you in the past. I hope that someone is in that exact same state, laughing uncontrollably wondering how anyone could create something so hilarious, as my 13 year old self was when they first watched this film on VHS at a friend’s house thus starting the cycle all over again.




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