Xmas Horror – Silent Night, Deadly Night

    WOW! This film was nothing short of incredible and so in an effort to match that same level, Devin, Sam, James, Chloe and myself joined together to attempt to break down just how crazy this movie actually is. If you've seen Silent Night, Deadly Night, then you know exactly the type of crazy... Continue Reading →


Jean-Claude Van Johnson: Season 1 – Review

TV and City

Jean-Claude Van Johnson premieres December 15th on Amazon Prime Video.

By Chris Flanagan

I liked Jean-Claude Van Johnson, but I immediately recognized within the first 15 minutes of the show that it is not one for everybody. In fact, I can see it becoming one of those series that people either hate or love and there are hardly any in the middle. The show is very funny at times, featuring some surprisingly sharp humor and Van Damme does an incredible job at playing both the straight macho action hero and the very funny over-the-hill movie actor. The premise was unique enough to keep my interest through six episodes, but the show also became something that could quickly fade into the background as just white noise while I was doing something else.

Jean-Claude Van Johnson centers around the Belgian Jean-Claude Van Damme who attempts to come out of retirement and…

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