Valor: Season 1 – Opinion

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Valor premieres October 9, 9pm on The CW.

Valor, CW’s effort in the military drama department, sounds and looks exactly like what would happen if a group of CW writers got together each week, watched SEAL Team and The Brave, and then got the idea that they could adapt that story onto their network successfully. I attempted to watch the trailer for Valor knowing exactly what type of show I would see even before I pressed play and after having that confirmed, I barely made it halfway through.

I occasionally like some of CW’s shows, but I also am quick to recognize them for exactly what they are; pretty people with pretty problems. Sometimes those style of shows can be a guilty pleasure or a fun watch, but often times they simply come across as shallow and poorly written. Valor looks to continue that streak for the CW…

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Blade Runner – 2049

    Blade Runner 2049 contains beautiful shots and set pieces, a bone-chilling score, gorgeous VFX, a very strong story and decent acting.     After all that, why am I still not in love with it?    For starters, its runtime, a whopping 2hr44min, was too long and at times saddled some of the... Continue Reading →

Better Watch Out – Review

    As I was sitting in the theater waiting to see Better Watch Out, the director of the film festival prefaced this movie by saying it was like "Home Alone on acid." Everyone scoffed and chuckled clearly conveying that they didn't believe him, but we were wrong. So...very...wrong.   If you've seen any previews... Continue Reading →

The Mayor: “Pilot” – Review

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The Mayor premieres October 3rd, 9:30pm on ABC.

The Mayor, a new comedy from ABC, is a surprisingly refreshing new premiere that provides something to actually look forward to from network TV in the coming months. While it falters at times which mostly can be chalked up to being a pilot episode, The Mayor features a very harmless premise backed by a very strong and funny cast. At the front of that cast is Brandon Michael Hall who plays Courtney Rose, the Mayor, his mother (Yvette Nicole Brown) and assistant (Lea Michele) who are all given their shining moments on screen and seem to have great chemistry with one another from the very beginning. Where I found myself truly laughing was with the supporting cast of Courtney’s two best friends, T.K. Clifton and Jermaine. They had some of the best lines of the pilot and stood out as integral…

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The Gifted: “Pilot” – Review

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The Gifted premieres October 2, 9pm on Fox.

I recall my first thoughts were not positive when hearing about a show being set within the X-Men universe that followed a completely different cast and narrative than that of familiar characters we’ve previously seen portrayed. On paper, it appeared doomed to fail having so much existing iterations and history behind it that required homage as well as the undertaking of a similar, yet new pathway of story that audiences haven’t seen before. All of these aspects came together to form what looked to be an insurmountable task for this show to overcome to the point where I maintained a very skeptical wait-and-see attitude, thinking that I would let the first couple of episodes air and then if the reception was positive I would then give it my attention. What reinforced this line of thinking was that it was Fox who was…

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Ghosted: Season 1 – Review

Another big thanks to TVandCity for letting me write for them about Ghosted!

TV and City

Ghosted premieres October 1, 8:30 on Fox.

Ghosted is an action-comedy featuring Craig Robinson and Adam Scott whose characters are roped into investigating paranormal activity for the sake of saving the human race. Max (Scott), is a believer in the paranormal and his career as a college professor has suffered as a result to the point where he would jump at any chance to escape his current situation. Leroy (Robinson), was a former missing persons investigator with the police but has since fallen from grace as a mall security guard after getting his partner killed in the line of duty and is simply wanting to make more of an impact with his life.

From the beginning, Ghosted chooses to spend little time on the actual details of the show; Max and Leroy’s backstory, the supporting characters, the world of the paranormal. The show just approaches these elements with such a…

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Gerald’s Game (2017) – Review

Thanks to TVandCity blog for letting me write about Gerald’s Game.

TV and City

The Netflix exclusive movie Gerald’s Game is available September 29.

Gerald’s Game can be best described as the product of combining Black Mirror with a Cialis commercial. From the preview of Gerald’s Game I was intrigued only because it was adapted from a Stephen King novel. The story looked semi-interesting; a middle-aged couple is attempting to rekindle what they lost through years of marriage and in doing so the husband suffers a heart attack leaving his wife handcuffed to a bed with no one to help and only her will to survive. By that tease alone, this film is already perfect for Netflix’s seemingly endless shelves of mediocre and forgettable films that you are so accustomed to cycling through in order to find something remotely tolerable to play as background noise, however, Gerald’s Game turns out to stand out slightly more.

Right as the film reaches the 20 minute mark…

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    I'm not a huge Star Trek guy. I don't really know what would constitute being a "casual fan" in this case, but whatever that may resemble that is what best describes my interaction with the franchise. After having seen the previews for Star Trek Discovery I was unmoved but still interested in how... Continue Reading →

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