Lying Is A Vital Survival Skill And A Terrible Habit 10/18/2014

The truth about The Doctor can be very hard to handle, and this episode shows that we may have to deal with it pretty soon. This incredibly intriguing episode also allows us to appreciate Clara a little more than we have done so in previous seasons, which is highly useful as, with unusual hints at this Promise Land and The Doctor’s true personality, we may need to rely on her a lot more from now on.

In this episode Doctor gets locked inside the Tardis shrank as the result of 2D-folks invasion and Clara has to handle this on her own. In the process she gets to understand many of his decisions, when she has to do them herself.

 We also learn she’s concealing her trips with Doctor from Danny. She’s actually trying to speak to him like nothing happened in the middle of a pretty crazy scene which abound in this episode making it excellent. We also get a lot of technical “novelties” thrown in like Doctor hacking into Clara’s optical nerve or Tardis having a siege mode.

 In the end she saves the Doctor who saves the day, as it’s supposed to be and her solution is original like 8/10 on doctor’s scale while Doctor’s (or should I say Tardis’) come back is pretty pompous which I like but his solution we don’t even get to hear, just see the act. At the end we also get reminded of that lady who collects those who met with Doctor an instant before their death – her plot is apparently ongoing.

In conclusion, this episode was wonderful. The Doctor was important but not the main person of this episode. The references such as adams family are wonderful. And they made sure we dont forget about the scary lady in the promise land. Till next week.


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